All You Need To Know About Children’s Dentistry

It goes without saying that the health of our children’s teeth is really important, we need big, happy, clean teeth to deliver smiles that match. So, how do we get smiles that are healthy and happy…? Here’s all you need to know about children’s dentistry from your dentist in Doncaster East.

Healthy Teeth Are Happy Teeth


Teeth that are healthy are going to be much better for your children’s wellbeing. First and most obvious is that teeth which are decaying or covered in cavities are going to cause them discomfort and then further issues when they need to see the dentist in Doncaster East for treatment.

The best way to keep your children’s teeth healthy is to install good dental hygiene practices from the minutes their teeth start to come through, and to make sure they’re keeping a balanced diet that is low in sugar and acids.

Good oral hygiene practices, include: brushing twice a day for at least two minutes making sure you pay lots of attention to the gums as this is where bacteria is most likely to build up. As your children grow, introducing daily flossing is a really important habit to build into their day and of course, attending regular check ups.

It’s also super important that you’re instilling a good relationship with the dentist in Doncaster East through position enforcement and an open mindset. Our children are very quick to pick up on our concerns and fears and if we use negative or concerned language about something in front of them they’re sure to pick it up and use it themselves.

What Can The Dentist Do To Help?

One of the biggest treatments recommended by dentists is the application of fissure sealants to children’s back teeth.

Fissure Sealants

The treatment is used to help stop the development of cavities in the area where  children do the most chewing. This is because in this area there’s lots of little grooves which can be difficult to clean even when brushed regularly. The sealant creates a smoother surface for children to brush.

The treatment of sealants will only work for those who have newly erupted teeth and so it’s good to get straight on the phone to the dentist when back teeth start to come through. The treatment can only be applied to teeth which are totally free from decay and cavities and that don’t already have fillings.

The treatment itself is quick and pretty pain free, a very thin layer of super durable resin is placed onto the surface of the premolars and molars. The resin will fill any grooves and quickly harden, resulting in a pretty much invisible coating that won’t affect your child’s bite. The sealants are capable of lasting several years and can even be reapplied if necessary.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a type of mineral that’s proven to strengthen the tooth’s enamel layer. When it’s put on the tooth it helps to remineralise the tooth which increases dentistry and resistance to decay. The fluoride treatment for children involves painting a fluoride varnish onto the teeth which then soaks in the teeth for several hours. The patients then remove the varnish through a simple tooth brush at home, and have protected teeth moving forward.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.

Mar, 01, 2023