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SmileFast is a fixed braces system capable of straightening teeth in just 6-9 months. It is an advanced, cosmetically oriented brace that is only suitable for adults and can correct a number of different problems affecting the front teeth. This brace is very discreet, using clear brackets and tooth coloured wires to rapidly move teeth into optimal positions.

How Does SmileFast Work?

During your visit to Family Dental Care, we will take a dental impression and x-rays of your teeth to plan your treatment. Smilefast utilises the advanced CADCAM technology to create a 3D digital model of your teeth, clearly identifying the optimal position for each bracket. These brackets are precisely bonded to your teeth using highly accurate transfer trays. The brackets are then attached to very thinwires. Periodic visits are required during treatment so we can adjust or replace your wires and to check treatment is progressing exactly as planned.

Which Brace Will Work Best for Me?

Our dentist will examine your teeth and we may take digital dental x-rays before recommending a system designed to provide an optimal solution. Removable braces are a popular choice, but modern fixed braces are often equally as discreet and easy to use, and may sometimes be faster.
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