Regular Examination

Regular Examination

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Why Have Regular Dental Examinations?

We strongly advise regular dental examinations, usually at six monthly intervals. Having regular dental check-ups is advantageous for your dental health as any small problems can soon be detected and treatment can be provided at an earlier stage. This will preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible and will help prevent dental emergencies such as toothache.

What Happens during a Regular Examination?

During this visit, we will carefully check the condition of every single tooth, every restoration and the condition of your gums. Digital dental x-rays are taken at regular intervals, or to examine a potential problem in greater detail. If we do find anything amiss, our dentist will explain the problem, including all possible treatment options. Any treatments provided will use the most advanced and appropriate techniques and durable materials, comfortably restoring your dental health and conserving your natural teeth and your smile.
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