Image-Guided Surgery

Image-Guided Surgery

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Here at Family Dental Care, we choose to use sophisticated image-guided surgery to provide our patients with the very best, most predictable and comfortable dental implant treatment.

What is Image-Guided Surgery?

During your consultation for dental implants, a cone beam CT scan will be taken of your jaws, producing highly detailed 3D images showing the location of all important structures in your jaw and the amount of healthy bone available for dental implant surgery. Using these images, our dentists will carefully plan your implant surgery, determining the optimal location for each implant while avoiding nerves and blood vessels.

What are the Advantages of Image-Guided surgery?

Image-guided surgery ensures your new dental implants will be fully functional and that once restored they will look and feel natural. After surgery is planned, a surgical stent or guide is created for use during surgery. This advanced planning helps to ensure your surgery is smoother, quicker and ultimately more successful.
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