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Laser Dentistry

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When Might I Need Laser Dentistry?

This treatment can be particularly useful for gummy smiles and crown lengthening, reshaping the gums with minimal side effects. A dental laser can remove the excess gum tissue, creating a more cosmetically pleasing smile. Laser dentistry is the latest option in treating gum disease, as it can help to eliminate the bacteria causing this infection, sterilising the treated areas and removing any gum tissue too damaged to heal while leaving healthy tissues intact.

What are the Advantages of Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is minimally invasive and can remove tissues more comfortably and more precisely than using conventional dentistry. The energy produced by a laser automatically seals the tissues, so healing is faster with fewer side effects such as bleeding or swelling and the risk of infection during healing is much lower. During treatment, it may not even be necessary to use local anaesthetic. There is no need for stitches with laser dentistry and treatment tends to be faster, so your appointment times might be a bit shorter.
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