Your First Appointment

Your First Appointment

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Our dental team always extend a warm welcome to every patient and we enjoy building long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Your first appointment is an opportunity to become acquainted with our dental team and to become more familiar with our purpose-built practice and the services and technologies offered.

What to Expect During Your First Appointment?

We ask that you arrive a few minutes early to complete our medical history form. It is important for us to know your medical history and details of medications so that we can provide the most appropriate treatments. A complete set of digital x-rays allows us to perform a thorough assessment of your current dental health and to monitor any changes in the future. Once we have completed our dental examination, we will discuss our findings. If any treatment is required, a treatment plan will be provided detailing your options and the cost. Each treatment is clearly explained so you will be fully aware of how it could help you.

High Quality Dental Care For All Your Family

Our skilled and experienced dentists provide high quality and cost-effective dental care for all ages. We offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments that include general and cosmetic dentistry. Our practice can plan and place dental implants using image guided surgery and we have orthodontic services suitable for the entire family. Our dentists love seeing children and will work with you to ensure your child grows up with healthy and hopefully cavity free teeth.

Enjoy Personalised Service and Dedicated Care

When you come to see us, you are assured of receiving personalised dental care that will be fully customised to meet your needs. We have invested in up-to-date technologies to ensure treatment is comfortable and provides the best results possible. Everyone here is very approachable and we understand that many people experience fear and anxiety when visiting the dentist. If this applies to you, please let us know because we are here to help you and there are many different things we can do to ease anxiety. We know it isn't easy to find the time to visit the dentist which is why we offer extended hours for great convenience. Our aim is to ensure you enjoy easy access to great dental care.
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