Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening

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For a more aesthetically pleasing smile, minimal gum tissue should show during talking or laughing. If you show too much gum tissue, you may have what is called a ‘gummy smile.’

How Can a Gummy Smile Be Treated?

Often the teeth underneath the gums are the correct size and shape and are simply covered up by an excess of gum tissue. Our dentists can carefully reshape your gums so they beautifully frame your teeth, removing unwanted gum tissue. We use a dental laser during crown lengthening which is a more comfortable and precise way to reshape your gums. Afterwards, healing is faster and smoother.

Crown Lengthening in Preparation for Crowns and Veneers

We may sometimes suggest crown lengthening in preparation for crowns or veneers. Lengthening the tooth will produce more predictable and more aesthetically pleasing results and may be necessary if you have a tooth that has broken off right at the gum line.
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