Amalgam-Free Dentistry

Amalgam-Free Dentistry

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Family Dental Care is an amalgam-free dental practice as today’s modern filling materials offer a more biocompatible solution for repairing damaged teeth, working in harmony with your natural tooth structure.

Why Choose Amalgam-Free Fillings?

Amalgam is a silver coloured metal that is highly visible in the mouth and which flexes slightly when it comes under pressure or into contact with hot and cold. This continual flexing can eventually create micro-fractures in teeth, weakening them over time. Modern tooth coloured composite resins can nearly invisibly mend teeth. The material bonds strongly to the tooth, sealing it from further infection and decay and composite resin doesn’t flex or change shape.


Should I Have My Old Amalgam Fillings Removed?

Eventually your amalgam fillings are likely to leak and crumble, and when the time comes we can remove them, disposing of the amalgam. If you feel concernedabout the presence of amalgam, please talk to our dentist.
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