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Our Technology

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We want our patients to experience comfortable and professional dental care and have chosen to invest in equipment that allows us to diagnose and treat dental problems much more quickly.

Our technology includes:

Intraoral camera, DIAGNOdent, Air abrasion & Prophyjet, The Wand

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera produces high-quality images inside your mouth. These images are displayed on the screens in our dental surgeries, allowing us to clearly explain any dental problems and all possible treatment options.


This device detects the very earliest signs of lesions in a tooth that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Using this technology allows us to provide suitable treatment at a much earlier stage, preventing further decay while preserving the maximum amount of tooth structure.

Air Abrasion & Prophyjet

This technology will gently air polish your teeth during a hygiene appointment, providing a quicker, more comfortable and better outcomes than conventional scaling and polishing.

The Wand

The Wand is a sophisticated, computer-controlled dental injection, administering a slow and steady flow of local anaesthetic which is much more comfortable for patients.
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